Better Mobility has the ability to improve your life and overcome some strife.

So if you want to keep on the go, come and visit Better Mo!

If you struggle to get out of a chair just press the button and you will be there
If you want to rise in order to cook or recline to read a book
With a choice of size and colour we can accommodate with only a short wait
As we can make to measure you will soon have a chair that you can treasure!

If  it is getting harder to climb your stairs why not book a home visit and quote
And just take note your stairlift will be fitted within a week
So you can visit your bedroom retreat or your bathroom very soon!

If  you have a scooter in need of a service or repair do not despair
If  your scooter will not take you very far, it may be that your batteries are not holding a charge
So if your scooter requires more fuel do not worry we have a tool to test
And we can supply the best batteries in the west!

If you require a scooter we sell all types that you and your friends will admire
Whether you want a small scooter that comes apart to fit in the car or a bigger scooter to take you far
There is a place that is local so you know where to go and that is Better Mo!

If you have problem feet give yourself a treat
Sandpiper shoes and slippers are made a little wider
The shoes are made with spanish leather to make them soft and keep out the weather
So visit us in store and you will find a lot more in terms of style and comfort you will find something you will adore!

If  you are planning a trip but walking comes with great risk
We sell the very best wheelchairs and for the whole family we do care
As they are the lightest on the market and  fold with ease to fit in the car if you are going far!

If walking to the shops is now more of a chore and it is becoming harder to go through the front door
We sell wheeled walkers that can give you support and carry some shopping
And if you need to stop some have a very neat seat in order to take a rest on route
They also fold to fit in the boot just by pulling a bar to fit in the car!

If daily living chores are becoming even harder and you can not open the jars in the larder
We have handy reachers, sock aids, can keys, jar keys and openers, long shoe horns, button hooks, magnifiers to read books, large pill boxes and talking watches, blue badge wallets, shower stools and all kinds of tools like plug tugs and two handled mugs, bed pads, chair pads, plain old incontinence pads and pull up pants, exercise therapy balls and sticks to prevent falls.
The list is endless and if you want to pay less you know where to go, Better Mo!

If bathing has become a problem getting down in the water to get a little wetter is OK but to get back up you maybe there all day
We sell award winning bath lifts that are very easy to fit that work from a battery so you no longer have to frown while you get up and down
Or if you would like a grab rail fitted to the wall to keep you standing tall, we also sell bath boards and shower stools so don’t be a fool
The place you need to go is Better Mo!